What is a franchise?

Franchising is a way to own a business under a market recognizable logo. The franchisee benefits from the know-how, proven standards KOKU Sushi Restaurant. Thanks to cooperation the franchisee reduces the risk associated with taking a new, unfamiliar activity. Increase your recognizability among customers.

The basic network requirements are:
- passion
- Involvement
- financial resources

You get:
- cost savings
- risk minimization of investment
- the cost of getting rid of mistakes made by novice traders
- joint settlement costs for advertising, such as leaflets, gadgets, web management, uniform promotion on social networking sites

It involves:
- interior design - guidelines
- selection of the premises equipment
- recipes and menus according to the latest trends
- staff training
- regular inspections of the quality
- contacts with trusted and reliable suppliers
- marketing support
- HACCAP, good hygiene practices, safety procedures, instructions

Terms of cooperation:
- area of property 50 - 75 m2
- franchisee evaluates the attractiveness of suggested location of future Sushi Bar
- license fee 25 000 zł
- investment costs 70 000 - 120 000 zł

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